• Reed Diffuser

    Olfaction - scents and smells - is believed to have a powerful effect on our moods. Our olfactory receptors are directly connected to the limbic system, that part of the brain that controls emotions. Scent has been well documented as having a significant effect on emotion, memory and task performance. A certain scent can make us forget everything and indulge in reminiscenses, a quivering candle light completes the mood.

    Our exquisite diffusors are made from 100 % natural reed. The fragrance oil travels up through the reeds and softly fills the room with your favorite scent for many weeks and even months.

    Enhance your life with excellent fragrances and candle light that delights the senses and adds luxe to everyday living.

    The olfactory sense is the sense of reminiscence and desire.

    - Jean-Jacques Rousseau -
  • Lemongrass Diffuser

    Lemongrass Diffuser
  • Pomegranate Diffuser

    Pomegranate Diffuser
  • Tahitian Diffuser

    Tahitian Diffuser
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    Pineapple Cilantro Diffuser
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    Star Jasmine Diffuser
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    Valencia Orange Diffuser
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    Oceano Diffuser
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    Oakmoss Diffuser
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